The Leader in Preconstruction

KHS&S fills the gap between design, construction and fabrication by offering a complete array of preconstruction services. Leveraging experience in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) enables KHS&S to take on the most complex projects in the world, from the schematic design phase through construction. What makes us so successful- 


Our ability to leverage in-house knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines, including architecture, engineering, construction, drafting and software customization.

Our Philosophy

We Believe in Proactive Preconstruction

KHS&S has a proactive preconstruction philosophy. We encourage early involvement and initiate a team approach to develop win-win solutions that allow efficient delivery of our specific scopes of work, while benefiting the project as a whole. This philosophy has made us the contractor of choice for many influential designers, contractors and owners.

Our Goals

Our Goal is Project Success

The goal of our in-house preconstruction teams is to work as a resource with the owner, architect and general contractor to put a project on the road to success by:

  • Clarifying project needs and expectations
  • Identifying and resolving constructability issues
  • Ensuring design intent through identifying appropriate construction materials and processes
  • Offering value engineering to bring the highest value to the project
  • Expediting construction through development of complete and accurate working drawings and construction documents
  • Minimizing conflicts
  • Ensuring artistic integrity